As YWAM Vigo we would like to offer you and/or your church different seminars to encourage you in your relationship with the Lord.

The objective of these seminars is to offer a deeper knowledge of missiology and biblical aspects.

The fourth wave of missions

Is it possible to be a missionary right where you are?
This seminary will try to answer this question based on the texts in Deuteronomy.

Urban Ministries

Subjects: Discover how to use the talents God has given you;
The Great Comission;
Social Projects

The Fundamental Pillars of Faith

How to hear God’s voice?
What is intercession?
What is your identity?
All of these questions and more, will be answered in this seminary.

Crazy for the Bible

You will learn the inductive method to study the Bible.
Subjects: The importance of the Bible;
Inductive study of Bible books

Let's look at Missions

Missions through a biblical, historical, cultural and strategical view.

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