School of biblical foundations of counselling ministry

About the school

The purpose of an FCM is to develop our identity and character holistically (body, soul and spirit) by establishing the foundational Christian principles of counseling. We use classroom teachings, book work, case studies, small groups, and personal study to help us deepen our understanding of counseling.  

In this school we want to create a space for learning and growth, where creativity and art are fundamental tools for healing and positive change. We firmly believe that God desires to bring healing to our lives and that, through creative tools such as dance or visual arts, we give God space to heal and transform. 

In this process, we help our students discover their own vision so that they can use what they received in school to disciple in their own fields of work.  













Start Date: 3rd of March 2025
End Date: 27th of June 2025
Duration: 5 months
Language: Spanish and English
Location: Moaña, Spain

University of the Nations

Code: CNH 211 and 212
Credits: 18
Requirements: DTS


Normal: 4500€
Reduced: 3800€

The reduced Price is for those students who are doing a DTS in 2024/25 in our Base.

to be made new in the attitude of your minds; and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.

– 1 Corinthians 3:9-10













Structure of the School








Lecture Phase

The first three months are dedicated to personally live a healing process with God and while doing so, you will learn and be trained to guide others in those same processes. Through basic counseling techniques you will be able to walk with people in their own process of growth and health. 

























In the last two months our outreach will take place where we will put into practice what we have learned and studied. We will work closely with churches and organizations, we will offer workshops, and counseling moments, using all that we have learned during lecture phase.

















Topics, we will talk about and learn together:

The Biblical perspective of the human personality 

Healing through relationships 

Basic counseling skills and tools  

Basic counseling tools in Art therapy and Dance 

Emotions and the renewing of the mind 

Understanding God’s grace and extending it to others 

Identity in Christ and Self-awareness 

The Biblical foundations of Counseling 

The restoration of the whole person 

Human reactions to hurt and rejection 

Role of the Holy Spirit in counseling 

Family systems  

Child counseling 

Divine plumb line and the power of the Cross 

Your Team









Cacique Calixto Rodrigues












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